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Classic CVD Diamond Ring With Ox Head

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Classic CVD Diamond  Ring With Ox Head
The UNA&CO engagement ring is dazzling, like a radiant sun. The dazzling, superbly cut round-shaped central diamond is surrounded by OX-head bezel-set, creating a charming halo effect.
The price of UNA&CO CVD diamond is less than one tenth that of original diamond.But have a higher referactive index and gloss than diamond.Fire color is more than 2.5 times that of South Africa diamond.
Made of 30% platinum&70% silver&1 carat UNA&CO CVD diamond.
On the basis of the classic Four-Claw.The auxiliary diamond is added.
The side of the ring setting is hollowed out and the Three-Dimensional shape of the crown is presented.Let the diamond 360 degree have no dead angle to enlarge the light transmission effect,and the light is more dazzling.