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Delicate Honeycomb CVD Diamond Ring

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Unmatched Luxury on a Friendly Budget
We are a premium brand on a mission, a mission to make you see the difference before you decide to get a brilliant gemstone. UNA&CO Sparkling CVD diamond is designed exactly to fulfil your need at 1% the cost of actual diamonds.Product Details
  • CVD Diamond Grade: Perfect(E/VVS1/VG)
  • Ring Size: 4/4.5/5 / 5.5 / 6 / 6.5 / 7 / 7.5 / 8 / 8.5 / 9/9.5/10/10.5/11
  • Stone Size: 1 CARAT / 2 CARAT/3 CARAT
  • Durability : 8.8 (Extremely durable)
  • Mohs scale : CVD diamond~10/ Pearls~2.5 / Moonstone~6.5 / Sapphire~9 / Emeralds~7.5
  • Ring Material : 70% silver and 30% platinum
CVD Lab Grown Diamonds are emerging as a better alternative than natural diamond for jewelry
Jewelers and diamond-lovers across the world are slowly waking up to the fact that synthetic diamonds – which are chemically identical to mined diamonds – are the new face of enduring love.Unique formulated, Aesthetically Crafted, Affordably Priced.
UNA&CO’s mission is simple – to make premium quality jewel stones affordable and accessible to every jewelry lover anywhere in the world.
UNA&CO lab's unique metal mixing technology
The material is made of 30% platinum and 70% silver,unique mixing technology of platinum and silver gives it the properties of platinum, which will not fade and antioxidant.