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Ice And Fire of UNA&CO CVD Diamond Ring

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Flawlessly engineered, the six-prong setting allows the center diamond to float above a brilliant pavé band, resulting in a ring so beautiful it has long been a symbol of the world’s greatest love stories. This striking design is available with center stones ranging from one to more than two carats.
The ring base:
UNA&CO unique technology to make it feel like 100% platinum.
The materials used are 30% platinum and 70% silver
which are anti-allergic, non-tarnishable,and antioxidant.
 We use African diamond as the core of CVD diamond.
3EX cutting enables the diamond to shine magnificently.
Embedding diamonds by handicraft
the six prongs hold the diamond tightly , delicate and stable.

The ring surface is smooth and comfortable for daily wear will not scrach or hurt your finger.
 Available in 1 carat,1.5 carat and 2 carat.