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Classic Simple OX Head CVD Diamond Ring

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Why CVD Lab Grown Diamonds are emerging as a better alternative than natural diamond for jewelry use in 2020?

Advocates of the traditional stone may argue, but jewelers and diamond-lovers across the world are slowly waking up to the fact that synthetic diamonds – which are chemically identical to mined diamonds – are the new face of enduring love.

Here are just a few of the benefits that lab-grown diamonds have over their natural counterparts.

  • Greater purity and improved quality of lab-grown diamonds
  • Guaranteed origins and guilt-free composition
  • Environmentally-friendly and sustainable lab grown diamonds

The ring base:

UNA&CO unique technology to make it feel like 100% platinum.
The materials used are 30% platinum and 70% silver
which are anti-allergic, non-tarnishable,and antioxidant